From her book "Russell" Gwen Byrne describes her 'dead' sons
first materialization through materialization medium Rita Goold.



Earlier I spoke of Russell waving a torch about which had a red sock over the lit end. This was no game, although it would seem so to some of my readers. As the medium did not use a cabinet, it was the torch plus the energy that enabled me to see Russell fully materialize. I do not intend to explain the 'energy', for this explanation is beyond my capacity. Suffice it to say that that 'energy' and Russell, plus his torch, achieved this. 'Watch Mum. I will show you all of me!' And he did. The torch was just an ordinary torch, believe me. He started by showing his feet, which were bare—the familiar knees. So familiar to me as I remembered—like any other mother would—the number of times I had scrubbed them. He wore little shorts and a T-shirt. His dear familiar hands with their square nails, just like his daddy. Then up to his face. So beautiful! A spirit child is so lovely one's mind or voice finds it hard to convey a description. I can only say that it was just as I had known it. There he stood in all his glory! Hair—spiky as always. Eyes—so, so blue—which looked into mine with the love that only a son can share with his mother. How can I explain further? He then took my hand and I was allowed to feel his hair with its familiar cowlick flopping over his dear sweet face. Freckles too, all over his nose. As I have already said, I cannot explain this 'energy', but will leave it to the experts in that particular field. Also, I will not try and describe my feelings at that moment as they are mine only, and now a very precious memory.

As I have said, I had previously seen parts of Russell at various times, but was now given the wonder of the sight of the whole of him. No amount of words can fully explain my feelings and emotions then—or now, when I remember it—so I will leave it there.

From the book 'Russell' - "Russell's stamp on the book" - Russell's narration of his death experience

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Jeff Rense Show
Part 1 - Michael Roll - 31 minutes - the materialization phenomena of Rita Goold
Part 2 - Pat Jeffreys - 35 minutes - materialization of her son Michael
Part 3 - Gwen Byrne - 45 minutes - materialization of her son Russell

Richard Syrett Show
Gwen Byrne - 40 minutes - materialization of her son Russell
Gwen Byrne and Tom Harrsion - 38 minutes - play sound clips from materialization sessions

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